Integrated Systems - Control and Automate

Home Automation

Services - Home AutomationAfter many years of talking about it, the concept of the Smart House is finally here.  Our systems offer the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets—we create personalized experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

Our touch panels act as the nerve center for your house, displaing weather, traffic, or other information as well as controlling audio, video, lighting, comfort and security systems.  Your tablet or smartphone replicate this functionality when you are not near a touch panel or away from home. 

We have created state-of-the-art home and business automation packages to place you on the cutting edge of systems control.

Lighting Control

Services - Lighting ControlWe offer state-of-the-art lighting control systems specifically for homes and businesses. Lighting control systems provide energy savings and peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switch communication. Our programmed lights can be set for predetermined scenes, e.g., romantic, party, watching TV and automatically set to that program when other events trigger it such as the turning on of a movie.  Of course, you can always override a chosen program if you do not wish for it to be invoked.  Our advanced lighting control system offers increased security by allowing you to set up time-based schedules as well as energy conservation opportunities through intelligent use of dimming and shutting off.

Shade Control

Services - Shade ControlWith motorized shading solutions, you can easily raise the shades to add sunlight, or lower them to reduce heat buildup and add instant privacy. Shades can be preset to automatically open and close at specific times (and even adjusted for time of year), effectively controlling heat gain and preventing harsh UV rays from damaging expensive furnishings. Or if you prefer, you can simply push a button to adjust them whenever you want.  Shade control can also be integrated into your viewing routines so rooms darken when you want to watch and automatically brighter up when you are finished.

Energy Management

Services - Energy ManagementBy programming the management of your lights, thermostats, and window shades your can achieve significant savings in the amount of power you consume and the costs associated with that power.  Outdoor lights that go on at dusk and go off at dawn (instead of burining till we notice them), interior lights that are easily dimmed or turned off from a touch panel, remote control, or as part of a pre-programmed routine, closet and other lights that turn off automatically, and "room off" or "away" switches that make sure that all lights, or appliances, or electronics are turned off when we leave are all part of such a system.  Thermostats that can be accessed remotely can be adjusted without running down to see if we set them correctly, can be programmed in an "away" mode to save energy when we're not there, and can be reset remotely to a comfortable level before we arrive back home.  Finally, especially in hot climates, or in houses with lots of exposed glass, the automatic opening and closing of shades can keep the house cooler and more comfortable and thus reduce energy consumption.

We can also program the running of appliances, pool filters and heaters, and other devices so that they operate during lower-cost hours.  Time-of-day pricing of electricity is rapidly becoming the norm and new software for tracking your energy consumption, comparing it to historical data, and helping you make conservation decisions is here. Managing your energy is no longer just trying to use less, but its also working to become energy smarter while minimizing the impact on your comfort.


Services - Commercial - CCTVOur security solutions include camera monitoring of both the interior and exterior of your house, automated door locks for allowing access when you can't be there, or for locking up even when you're away or already in bed, as well as full integration with intrusion alarm systems.  The systems are also available with a doorbell camera to allow you to see who's at the door, with the picture able to be flashed on your TV or other displays. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to cameras and DVR’s or Digital Video Recorders. When choosing cameras, it all depends on the application, if you want to see near or far, whether you prefer color or black & white, if you want them to be seen or installed covertly, and if the recording time is day/night or both. Our experts can help!

Other security enhancement can include the operation of specific lights when a triggering event occurs, the sending of a text message when events such as garage doors opening or children returning from school occur, the detection of leaks from water heaters or other sources and the programming of lights, TVs, etc. to create a lived-in look when you are away.