Low Voltage Centralized Lighting

The newest development in home lighting (for new construction or major remodeling) is the use of low voltage wiring and lighting throughout the house.  Most of us are familiar with the huge energy savings of low-voltage lights.  However, this is just one benefit.  Wiring a house with low voltage wires is less expensive and the end result allows you to infinitely manipulate the color, intensity and warmth of LED lights for task or accent lighting. Light strips can be used for accents under cabinets, in ceiling coves, or in cabinets and their color can be changed to any of the colors of the rainbow.  In bedrooms, lights can be programmed to coincide with our natural circadian rhythm, such that the hue and warmth of the light starts out gently as we wake and gradually transitions to full-wake light.  Similarly, when we lay down, the light can change color and warmth to a pre-sleep state so as to smooth our transition to sleep when we turn it off.  The possibilities are endless!

Lighting - Centralized Low Voltage Panel

Infinitely changeable cove lighting.