Wireless Lighting

Perhaps the most popular feature of any Smart Home is the ability to take full control of all the lights in your house.  Whether it is specifying different lighting levels for different locations for different occasions, e.g., at dinner, set chandelier at 80% while dimming ceiling lights and pendants to 40%, or just being able to have lights dim when TV is turned on, or turning outdoor lights on at dusk and off at dawn, we can make it all easy.  When your garage door goes up your hallway and kitchen light can automatically go on.  When you leave a room with multiple lights, just click one button to turn them all off.  When you want all lights in the house to go off at night, again, just one button does it.  No need to run upstairs and check if lights were left on.  All of this can be done from a touchpad on the wall, a multi-button wall switch, or your smartphone or tablet. 

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