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Paradigm Persona

August 11,2017

Understandably, we get pretty darned excited when one of our manufacturers reveals their latest-and-greatest model, or a new advancement in technology. We live and breathe this stuff, and lately there's been plenty to spin the propellers on our beanies.

But rarely does a new product stop us dead in our tracks, knock us on our rear ends and make us utter things I ought not print.…

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Home TheaterWorks Voted Best A/V Company!

May 5, 2017

 Last month we were contacted by Perimeter North Lifestyle, a local magazine, and one of over forty-five publications across the country under the Lifestyle Publications umbrella. Lifestyle’s mission is “to…

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As a kid, one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons was “The Jetsons”; I was fascinated by the Space-Age theme, the Futuro-Modern architecture, the gadgets...the GADGETS! Not to mention my adolescent crush on Judy, George and Jane Jetson’s hip teenage daughter, but that’s another story.

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Home TheaterWorks Receives National Recognition


Many of you have visited our showroom since our expansion and remodel. We are very pleased with our new space, especially our Control…

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What's All This Talk About Vinyl??

August 20, 2016

There’s a whole lot of buzz going around these days about the “resurgence of vinyl”. In fact, record sales have been on a steady increase over the past 10 years. In 2015, sales were just shy of 12 million units, a 30% increase over the prior year. That’s a far cry from the record (pun intended) 344 million units sold in 1977,…

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The Dog Days of Summer

July 13, 2016

We use that phrase frequently, but do you know how it came to be? The ancient Romans coined the expression for the hottest days of summer, as they associated them with the star Sirius (in the constellation Canis Major - Greater Dog), which rises at the same time as the sun, typically from early July through mid August.

The Dog Days are also used to…

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Grand Re-Opening

June 1, 2016

Last month Home TheaterWorks celebrated its Grand Re-Opening. The occasion was the completion of a major expansion and renovation of our Alpharetta showroom. To better serve our customers, we greatly increased the size and variety of displays. We designed and built a "virtual home" - a unique display that allows people to interact with the latest home automation systems that can integrate…

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Giving back

October 1, 2015

This Fall we participated in two major charitable events.  Home TheaterWorks was a co-sponsor for the Fragile Kids Foundation's BBQ evening featuring celebrity chef Myron Mixon, a three-time BBQ World Champion, held at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta.  We were also co-sponsors of a celebrity golf tournament held by the Brian Jordan Foundation to support underprivileged kids.

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Home Theaterworks wins Circle of Excellence award

September 15, 2015

At our annual trade show, Control 4 recognized Home TheaterWorks with their Circle of Excellence award.  This is the second year in a row that we've received this award given to very few dealers (only about 5 dealers in the whole Southeast) and representing our achievements in the areas of sales as well as customer service.  Together with achieving Pinnacle Dealer status in June,…

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We are a Control 4 Pinnacle dealer

August 5, 2015

We are proud to announce that Home TheaterWorks has just been named a Control 4 Pinnacle dealer.  As the name implies, this is the highest honor attainable by a Control 4 dealer.  The award, given to a very small percentage of dealers, reflects significant achievements in the areas of sales, service and customer satisfaction.  Control 4 is the dominant…

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Martin Logan


Home TheaterWorks is proud to announce that we've become an authorized dealer for Martin Logan speakers.  Known for their line of electrostatic panel speakers, Martin Logan has long been a favorite of audiophiles who appreciate the realistic reproduction of sound made possible by this unique technology.  We now represent a complete line of mid-to-high end speakers including…

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New addition to staff

January 4, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Kim Copses has joined our management team at Home TheaterWorks.  Kim, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, has 20 years experience in the AV industry.  Starting with a custom electronics shop in Charlotte, moving to Hi Fi Buys and then Best Buy in Atlanta and then going to the distribution side with AVAD electronics, Kim has held responsible management…

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NEW! Marantz SR-5009 on display now.


Come in today and experience the first of Marantz's next generation of receivers the new Marantz SR-5009.  On display now!…

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Living life, automatically


Living life, automatically

Imagine.  One touch on your tablet and the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume.  When the sun goes down, your porch light turns on.  And the whole house locks at…

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Monitoring and Managing your Networked Devices


As home systems become more complex and interconnected, the likelihood of malfunctions also increases.  Devices on a network may need to be rebooted, reset, or otherwise diagnosed and/or serviced.   While we're all familiar with rebooting a single device such as a smartphone or laptop, what if our audio, video, security, home automation and wireless systems are all on our home…

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Fewer Components More Entertainment


Control4 recently introduced a new line of media distribution products that allow you to keep all of your audio and video sources in one location, but have access to them no matter where you are in your home. Keep the clutter out of sight and enjoy the simplified power of music and video "on-demand" throughout your home.

These new products include an 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch for audio…

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Cedia This Month


We are going to CEDIA this month which is our industries trade show. We are looking forward to see what new and exciting products they will be showing. We will keep you informed!!!

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Control4 Unveils OS 2.3 Software

December 13, 2012

With expanded homeowner control, new lighting experience and unprecedented interoperability, OS 2.3 delivers exceptional performance.

Salt Lake City, UT - December 13, 2012 - Control4 is now delivering the Control4® Operating System v2.3 (OS 2.3) - providing a new elegant lighting user interface, new features enabling customers to personalize their own experiences, new applications…

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