Monitoring and Managing your Networked Devices


As home systems become more complex and interconnected, the likelihood of malfunctions also increases.  Devices on a network may need to be rebooted, reset, or otherwise diagnosed and/or serviced.   While we're all familiar with rebooting a single device such as a smartphone or laptop, what if our audio, video, security, home automation and wireless systems are all on our home network and subject to disruptions?

New technology now allows for remote detection of problems on networked devices and even remote fixes, sometimes before the homeowner is even aware there is a problem.  This technology monitors home systems 24X7, detects performance issues and sends alerts when problems arise.  For some problems, such as a device going off-line, a remote reboot can be performed.  If a service call is required, the diagnosis pinpoints the problem area(s) which saves time and ensures that the right parts are available. This leads to fewer,  shorter and less expensive service calls.

Remote monitoring and troubleshooting provides customers with peace of mind knowing that their system will be running more reliably, that they will receive timely notification if problems exist or are developing (not finding out on the evening of the party or big game that the system has issues), that they will save money on service calls, and that they need not even  be at home for some fixes to take place.